This study focused on the benefits on how Korean pop culture affects the student’s behavior.

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the influnce of k-pop culture on students lifestyle and political knowledge at social scince education department (icp) of fitk of maulana malik ibrahim state islamic university malang. . Abstract - This research is aimed to explain the influence of K-POP to the habit of students through quantitative methode. How Korean Wave influenced the students.

24 3. Korean Social Science Journal, 34(1), 117-147. Importantly, this increase in future participation was driven by students that formed new social ties as a result of their experience.

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Amri from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Syiah Kuala University, in January 2017, Volume 2(2).

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to the three aspects of social change during the K-pop revolution in Korea: social perception changes, governmental policy.

this study discusses the impact of watching Korean dramas on communication science students' behavior at Kuala Syiah University.

Methods In the scope of this research, a structural equation modeling was developed to investigate the intricate.

. One of the many influences of k-pop to students and teenagers is their fashion. Besides K-pop music, K-drama has also gained popularity in recent years. Indonesia as a developing country is certainly.

. participation is a crucial barrier. The data collection will be conducted to the selected students from Lipa Montessori School of Learning Inc. image of Korean wave with higher social class and level of attitude toward acculturation in overall attitude and behavior.

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While encouraging, research has yet to test the impact of directly manipulating social ties to politically active peers and elites as means of increasing engagement. . They dance in sync.

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It varies from providing a platform for escapism as well as emotional and.

The researcher conducted this study to find out whether kpop music can affect Filipino students positively or negatively. . The. Jan 1, 2021 · This study aimed to find out the perceived influence of Korean drama in the culture of the students in Central Luzon State University by their extent of; watching and the medium usually using to.